Mission Statement

The Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana is an association of Indiana lawyers who defend clients in civil litigation. Our primary mission is to assist and support our members in the substantive and management aspects of their law practices. We provide a forum for our members to associate and exchange ideas. We advocate for our members and their clients and provide a voice of reason in government, the courts, the legal profession, and the community at large.


The Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana, recognizing the high degree of conflict and the volatile nature of legal disputes, their impact on society and the need for direction in balancing the duty to zealously represent the client with the obligation to rational, peaceful, and efficient administration of justice, and in order to reduce costs and delays, now makes this commitment to promote the highest degree of respect and civility in our conduct to the parties, fellow attorneys, and the court.

Mission Statement

We will maintain the highest level of professional integrity and personal courtesy in all dealings with the parties, counsel, witnesses, and the Court.

We will advise clients that we are bound by the responsibilities and restrictions set forth in the Code of Professional Responsibility in all matters relating to the handling of their cases.

We will pursue the zealous advancement of our clients' legitimate objectives but will not participate in litigation based upon inappropriate motives.

We will use legal procedures for the fullest benefit of our clients without misusing or abusing the legal process.

We will not speak or act in an abrasive, hostile, offensive, or acrimonious manner toward parties, counsel, or the Court.

We will familiarize ourselves with and promptly and efficiently comply with all requirements of the law, the trial rules, local rules, and court policy and procedure.

We will endeavor to informally exchange information and confer with opposing counsel to discuss settlement, stipulate undisputed matter and identify issues prior to scheduled hearings and trial to avoid the unnecessary use of court time and resources.

We will not knowingly misstate, mischaracterize, or fail to disclose relevant facts or legal authority.

We will strive to reach agreements on procedural and preliminary matters.

We will honor our promises and commitments in our efforts to raise the level of professionalism and civility within the Indiana bar.